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Great science reads of the week – Nov 2 2012

1. Want to listen to singing sand? Check out this press release to find out more or just listen to the singing in the video posted below.

Why ‘singing’ sand dunes hum certain notes at the American Geophysical Union

2. Wilson da Silva, Editor-in-Chief of COSMOS magazine, wrote this fabulous read. Who would have thought that an earthquake in Indonesia would result in a great work of literature on the other side of the world? It’s like the opposite of the “butterfly flaps its wings…” concept.

The future of you by Wilson da Silva

3. Out of the social media around Hurricane Sandy came the conversation about fake photos of sharks on the streets of New York and the Statue of Liberty being engulfed by waves. So this piece analysing the ability of twitter to verify information was an interesting case study.

Twitter is a truth machine by John Herrman

4. We’ve known for some time that mothers carry the DNA of their children in their bodies. Now they’ve found mothers can carry the DNA of their sons in the brain. This article is a great trip into the backstory of fetal DNA in mothers.

Male DNA in the female brain revisited by Ricki Lewis

5. I know I shouldn’t finish on a depressing note BUT the fish at Fukushima are still radioactive and could be that way for decades.

Fukushima fish still hot by Geoffrey Brumfiel